What's the difference between a Fixed Gear Or
Single Speed Bike?

Your Funked Up Bicycle is Both a Fixie (Fixed Gear) and a SingleSpeed (Free Wheel). It can serve both purposes depending on how you set up your bike’s rear wheel. All our bikes come with flip flop hubs; simply flip around your rear wheel anytime to switch between a FIXED GEAR or a SINGLE SPEED bike. Fixed or Free - You decide!

A FIXIED GEAR BIKE or “FIXIE”, is a bike without the ability to freewheel or ‘coast’.  The rear cog is ‘fixed’ to the bike’s rear wheel hub, which means whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. So you're always pedaling on a fixed-gear bicycle.

A SINGLE SPEED BIKE is a bike with a 1 speed freewheel, that allows the pedals to remain stationary while the bicycle is in motion, so that the rider can coast... So a Singlespeed bike rides just as a normal road bike but with only 1 gear.

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