• FunkedUp Custom Fixed Gear & Singlespeed Bike

      Weight: 9.0Kg - 12Kg - Exact Weight will vary slightly depending on the following... Starting from 9Kg...
      Frame (XS->XXL = +0.7Kg) | Front Brakes = +0.25Kg | Rear Brakes = +0.3Kg | Wheel DeepV = +0.15Kg | Wheel MAG = +0.7Kg |
      Frame + Fork: ‘FunkedUp’- Double Butted CrMo4130
      Bottom Bracket: FSA Square Taper Sealed Bearing
      Crankset: FunkedUp Alloy - 165mm crank arm and 44T chainring with 110mm B.C.D.
      Pedals: VP - Transparent Flat pedals
      Chain: KMC - 1/2” x 1/8”
      Fixed Cog: 18T
      Free Wheel: 18T

      ‘Standard’ Wheels: RIMS = Funked Up 700C 30’s (30mm Double Walled Aluminium powder coated rims with CNC sidewalls (Braking Surface)) - HUBS = Funked Up Low Flanged 32H Aluminium Hubs in Silver Finish (Flip/Flop Rear Hub) … complete with Steel Spokes and nipples. WEIGHT = Rear Wheel 1.2Kg and Front Wheel 1.1Kg
      ‘Upgrade’ DeepV Wheels: RIMS = Funked Up 700C 42’s (42mm Double Walled Aluminium Anodised Rims with No Braking Surface) - HUBS = Funked Up High Flanged 32H Aluminium Hubs with Anodised Finish (Flip/Flop Rear Hub) .... complete with Stainless Steel Spokes and brass nipples. WEIGHT = Rear Wheel 1.35Kg and Front Wheel 1.25Kg
      MAG Wheels: 'Teny' 6 Spoke MAG Wheels. Aluminium & Magnesium Alloy - Powder Coated Colours - Sealed Bearings - Flip/Flop Rear Hub - Tyre Compatibility: 700x28C -> 700x38C - WEIGHT = Rear Wheel 1.9Kg and Front Wheel 1.8Kg - Made in Taiwan
      Tyres: Gumonder (GMD) - For 30mm and DeepV Rims = 700 x 25C (Inflate to 85 -110psi or 6 – 8 Bar) - For MAG Wheels = 700 x 32C (Inflate to 70 - 80psi)

      Brakeset: FunkedUp - Alloy dual pivot Callipers with Quick Release.
      Handle Bar Straight: 'FunkedUp' Alloy 25.4mm -> Clamp, 22.2mm Grips, Length 560mm
      Handle Bar Riser: ‘FunkedUp’ Risers - Alloy 25.4mm Clamp -> 22.2mm Grips, Rise 50mm, Lenth 470mm
      Handle Bar Bullhorn: ‘FunkedUp’ Bullhorns - Alloy 25.4mm Clamp -> 23.4mm Grips, Width 420mm
      Handle Bar Drop: 'FunkedUp' Alloy 25.4mm, Width 420mm, Drop 155mm
      Grips: ‘FunkedUp’ Rubber Grips
      Grip Tape: ‘FunkedUp’- Cork Tape
      Stem: 'FunkedUp' Alloy - Rise 20mm, Extension 80mm
      Headset: Neco - 1-1/8” Threadless Anodised Colour
      Seat Post: 'FunkedUp' - Alloy 27.2mm x 300mm Anodised
      Saddle: 'FunkedUp' Saddle
      Seat Clamp: 'FunkedUp' Alloy 29.8mm

    • Your Funked up Fixie can be both a Fixed Gear or Single Speed bike depending on how you set up your bike’s rear wheel. All our bikes come with flip flop hubs; simply flip around your rear wheel anytime to switch from a FIXED GEAR to a SINGLE SPEED bike. Is that easy. Fixed or Free- you decide!

      *A FIXIED GEAR BIKE or “FIXIE”, is a single speed bike without the ability to freewheel or ‘coast’.  The rear cog is attached or ‘fixed’ to the bike’s rear wheel which means whenever the bike is in motion, the pedals will go around. So you're always pedaling on a fixed-gear bicycle.

      *A SINGLE SPEED BIKE is a single geared bike which you ride as normal, with the ability to freewheel or ‘coast’

      Your Funked up Fixie can serve both purposes depending on how you set up your bike’s rear wheel. All our bikes come with flip flop hubs; simply flip around your rear wheel anytime to switch from a FIXED GEAR to a SINGLE SPEED bike. Is that easy. Fixed or Free- you decide!


    • Please refer to the frame image and the frame geometry chart below:



    • Yes you will! When your Funked Up Fixie arrives you can set it up either fixed gear or single speed- it's your choice!

      If you set it fixed gear, there are a few things to note:

      Riding FIXED GEAR BICYCLES requires a different kind of approach. The fixed gear does not allow you to coast. In fact, going downhill can be hard work. The cog on the rear wheel is bolted directly the hub so that your pedals must go at the same speed as your rear wheel. This also means your pedals can be used to slow down the bike, and the ability to pedal backwards make the impressive ‘track stand’ you sometimes see bicycle messengers do when the traffic lights are red. It also works your legs in new ways so you will get fitter and stronger, quicker! So to sum up, riding a fixie takes a bit of getting used to! If you are new to Fixies, we recommend mastering the single speed first and moving slowly to fixed gear. At Funked up Fixies, all our bikes have Flip Flop hubs so are ideally placed to do just this! Start with Single Speed and move to fixed whenever you feel ready! :) You’ll also find out exactly how to master riding fixed gear right here at funkedupfixies.com over in our community section.


    • Riding a FIXIE is the purest form of cycling and many people say it makes for the ultimate riding experience. When riding a fixie you feel a closer connection with your bike and with the road. There is a purity to the fixed gear bicycle that can be quite seductive and great fun. Fixed gear bikes are most suited for inner cities and urban areas where it is flat. The bike of choice for many cycle messengers - fixies provide simplicity, reliability, low maintenance and control.

      There has been a massive resurgence in Fixed gear bicycles in recent years. Fixies and the ability to easily customise your bike have helped make them a symbol of modern urban living, style and freedom. This has also encouaged a new breed of FREESTYLE FIXIE RIDERS- taking the fixie to new levels and using their unique control to perform tricks, jumps, spins and acrobatics. see the videos in the community Section for more details


    • Some of the first bikes ever were fixed geared Bikes! – look at the Penny Farthing, and you will see that the pedal cranks are connected directly to the hub of the front wheel. Before the advent of the derailleur (which allows bicycles to have gears) single speed bikes were the only race bike available. Now, in Urban settings, single speeds are back in a big way...

    • Our website’s unique ‘Bike Builder’  allows you to choose from hundreds of color combinations to suit your style and build your own Fixie with top quality components and looks to boot. It’s not only easy but alsoincredibly affordable! Why settle for a bicycle that looks like everyone else’s? Now you can set the scene with your own, unique fixed gear or single speed bike


    • You really want to make your mark on your bike? Well, with Funked Up Fixies you can! Once you’ve chosen your colour combinations you have the option of adding your own CUSTOMISED GRAPHICS and TEXT to your Fixie. Chose from over 40 symbols that reflect your style and personality or even add your favourite quote, lyric or mantra to your top tube. Remember, it’s your bike, make it for you!


    • We accept Visa, Master Card and PayPal.

    • Funked Up, partnering with Fedex Express, provide fast and secure delivery of your bike to your door anywhere worldwide. European shipping rates available from just €25. See table below for more pricing information and worldwide shipping costs.

      Region Shipping Cost:
      United Kingdom & Ireland €25 
      France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain. Portugal €35 
      Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Monaco, Vatican City, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Vatican City €50
      USA, Canada, Australia, NewZealand, Norway, Switzerland, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Andorra, Lichtenstein, Cyprus, Malta, Gibraltar, Croatia, Iceland, Turkey, Montenegro, Macedonia, Albania, Bosnia & Herzegonina, Kosovo, Russia €75
      Singapore, HongKong, Malaysia, Taiwan, China, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines €100
    • Yes, you now can pay with PayPal.

    • Yes, you will need a set of Hex Keys (4mm & 5mm) and a 15mm Wrench to attach pedals, front wheel, handle bar, saddle and to fine tune brakes. You can buy these tools and other multi-tools in the shop section of our site. Funked Up Fixies strongly advise all check ups, adjustments and maintainence be carried out by or overseen by a professional bicycle mechanic.

      For general Maintainence and Adjustments you may also need 6mm & 8mm Hex Keys, a 10mm Wrench, a Chain Whip, a Lockring Tool, a Spoke Key and some Grease and Lubricants. Funked up Fixies accept no responsibility for injury or damage caused by negligent assembly or maintainence.

    • After your customised bike has been built, it will be partially disassembled for shipment and packed in a heavyduty shipping carton. Though packed for shipment, your Funked Up Fixie will arrive approximately 85% assembled. Generally, assembly will require attaching pedals, front wheel, handlebars and grips, while also having to adjust the saddle height and fine tune brakes. You'll need some basic tools to complete your bike build. For proper assembly and safety, it is recommended to have the reassembly of your bicycle completed by a professional bicycle mechanic. Funked up Fixies accept no responsibility for injury or damage caused by negligent assembly. We highly recommend regular check ups and maintainence to ensure your bike remains in a safe and road worthy condition.

    • At FunkedUp we wanted to create an affordable Fixed Gear or Single Speed Bike that is not only great for commuting but is also super fun to mess around on. It’s more freestyle than Track by design so whether its slick and stylish urban transport you’re after, or honing your wheelies, bar spins, Keo's and sliders- THIS is the bike to do it on! It’s also the perfect bike for Bike Polo- which is great fun and taking off bigtime, around the world!

      The Standard FunkedUp Frame and Fork are designed and manufactured to our own specifications and all the component parts are hand picked or designed/co-designed by us. Our Frames and Forks can accommodate up to 700 x 32C tyres and if you have compatible 26” wheels, it can accommodate up to 26 x 1.5”  tyres. Everything is sourced and manufactured to the highest quality making for a durable, stylish and high quality bike- and all this at an unbeatable price!

      And let’s not forget the unique customisation options that allow you make your bike look, and feel, exactly the way you want it to. It’s your bike... so make it for you. Make it FunkedUp!

Fast and secure delivery to your door anywhere in Europe from just EUR 35. For worldwide shipping please visit the delivery page for more information.